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You can get Debian packages in repository

deb http://mobigroup.ru/debian/ wheezy main non-free
deb-src http://mobigroup.ru/debian/ wheezy main non-free

ICU - upstream ICU extension

FTS3 - upstream FTS3 extension with ICU and Snowball stemmer support. See also mbg-fts3 branch

Compress - compress()/uncompress() functions are using zlib library

INET - functions set for operate with IPv4 addresses

MD5 - standalone and fast 16-byte MD5 hash algorithm

SHA1 - standalone and fast SHA1 hash algorithm

Murmurhash - fast 4-byte hash alghoritm

UUID - generate really unique identifiers by libuuid library.

Hint: applications can generate globally unique identifiers using randomblob() function together with hex() and/or lower() like this:



Tablefunc - generate sequences of wide integer values

VirtualText - CSV file VirtualTable interface

History - helper functions for creating action log tables and triggers

Auxfunc - dataflow processing functions same as counter() and distincton() (for tests only)

Tcl intarray - Intarray SQLite3 extension for Tcl

Tcl - Extension for TCL evaluation by user-defined function inside SQLite