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MBG SQLite repository


utils - additional utilities for the SQLite replication and other tasks.

patches - some patches with new features.

extensions - a set of useful extensions for wide range of applications. These are good examples too.

fossil - a quick guide about my configuration of the fossil SCM.


trunk - upstream SQLite code

mbg - additional features and extensions with open licenses. Debian package control directory included.

Direct Access To The Sources

All SQLite source code is maintained in Fossil repository that is available for read-only access by anyone. You can interactively view the repository contents and download individual files or ZIP archives of complete check-ins by visiting

http://sqlite.mobigroup.ru (Moscow)

Debian repository

deb http://mobigroup.ru/debian/ squeeze main non-free
deb-src http://mobigroup.ru/debian/ squeeze main non-free

Install repository keyring:

sudo aptitude install debian-mobigroup-keyring


Site mobigroup.ru

Blog geomapx.blogspot.com

My profile on pechnikov.tel